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The story "Like a hug from 84 children all together" was inspired by a mission to Eritrea and Ethiopia, in March 2002, when the author accompanied the Special Representative of the United Nations for Children and Armed Conflict, Ambassador Olara A. Otunnu. This story expresses the emotions that such a unique experience can provoke.

In particular, this story was inspired by the visit to a camp for internally displaced people and to a school for mine risk education, in Senafe, Eritrea; and by the visit to the Maichena temporary primary school "RaDO mine risk education school", Isak IDP Camp, nearby Rama (Woreda centre), Axum, Ethiopia.

The story "Like a hug from 84 children all together" was awarded honorary mention at the 2005 International Poetry Award "Una favola per la pace", 21st May 2005, organized by International Peace Bureau-Italia and Citta' di Lugo, Italy.

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