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Honorable Mention - Documentary (non- professional)
Thunderbird International Film Festival
4 June 2005.

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The videopoem "For whom the sirens toll" was inspired by a poem written on the day of the terrorist attack on the United Nations Headquarters in Baghdad in which twenty-two UN Staff Members lost their lives. The author, Massimo Toschi, is a UN staff member with a passion for writing.

The definition of videopoem reflects the style of the video, as it is not a documentary nor a news-story. It is a delicate blend of images, music and voice which aim at provoking an emotional reaction in the viewer rather than a rational one.

Through a universal language, the piece expresses the fears and hopes of human being, beyond borders and ages, finding the common thread of humanity. In so doing, the videopoem also conveys a message of hope of freedom and peace.

The poem was awarded the second prize of the Premio Letterario Internazionale "Una favola per la pace", organized by International Peace Bureau-Italia and Citta' di Lugo.

Premičre screening of the videopoem at the
United Nations - Dag Hammarskjöld Library Auditorium,
September 11, 2004 - New York City

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