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The videopoem "For whom the sirens toll" was inspired by a poem written the day of the terrorist attack on UN Headquarters in Baghdad, 19th August 2003, in which twenty-two UN Staff members lost their lives.

Through universal language, the videopoem expresses fears and hopes of human beings beyond borders and age, finding the common thread of humanity. Accordingly, this delicate blend of images, music and voice conveys a message of hope, freedom and peace. The videopoem is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack and their families.

Videopoem "For whom the sirens toll"

Poem: For Whom The Sirens Toll

The premiere screening of the videopoem took place at the United Nations, in New York on September 11, 2004.

The videopoem "For whom the sirens toll" was awarded Honorary Mention in the category Documentary (non - professional) at the Thunderbird International Film Festival on June 4th, 2005.

The poem "For whom the sirens toll" was awarded the second prize of the 2004 International Poetry Award "Una favola per la pace", 21st February 2004, organized by International Peace Bureau-Italia and Citta' di Lugo, Italy.